Gato Gordo – Social Media Design

What is “Gato Gordo”

“Gato Gordo” (means fat cat) is a tea & coffee house with cat elements. This is an original brand: the Spanish name hints the producing area of coffee, which from South America, between 25 degrees south latitude to 30 degrees north latitude; fat cat in China means lucky; and it sounds like the purrs of cat in China. Gato Gordo includes offline store and online community and everything related to cats. Consumers can enjoy the time with best quality tea/coffee surrounded with extremely adorable cats. In addition, they could also make reservations in advance and view cats’ stories through online community.

Target Audiences

Chinese people aged from 15 to 45 who are interested in:

  • Cats or cat animation (e.g. Hello Kitty, Doraemon)
  • tea or coffee
  • traditional culture and tea etiquette
  • slow life
  • photographing for animal or human with animal
  • protecting the interests of animals

Key Message 

The online community not only offers a place where consumers could share opinions and learn what they are interest in together, but also builds the identity of the group.

  • Get in touch with several famous Cat Cafés in Japan; give the basic conception to consumers.
  • Create ID called Gato Gordo on these platforms; post some photos with behind short stories of offline store to present its unique characteristic. For example, every cat owns a different story. Later we will invite the consumers to post their pictures with one-sentence stories or impressions related to Gato Gordo.
  • Follow several influential cat lovers or masters of tea ceremony on Weibo, reprint related videos or ask them to record specific video if possible.
  • Periodically attract consumers with hot topic and lead discussion on online community.


  • Baidu Tieba
  • Xinlang Weibo
  • Wechat

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