Dandelion and Daisy Chain

As part of my coursework for MECO6938 (Media and Communication Internship), I am interning with Protein One, a creative branding and design agency. They focus on brand identity and communications for a wide arrange of clients, but one of their “homegrown” products is a set of illustrated children’s books. The first book, “Dandelion”, is a story about a boy named Benjamin Brewster who is frequently bullied at school. He uses Dandelions as tools to fend off the cruel behavior of others, while building up his own self confidence. The second book, “Daisy Chain”, is about a girl named Buttercup Bree who also encounters bullying as she’s threading daisy chains on a schoolyard. While “Dandelion” addresses in-person situational bullying, “Daisy Chain” focuses on the harmful impact of bullying via social media.

There are a few key demographics that Protein has identified — firstly, primary school aged children dealing with bullies will hopefully find the stories relatable, and see Benjamin and Buttercup as relatable protagonists. Secondly, parents whose children experience bullying could the books (and “Dandelion”‘s  accompanying app) useful tools for explaining why bullies are the way they are, and ways to overcome negative situations with self-confidence. Lastly, primary school educators are a key demographic because they can not only use the app, short animated film, and books as tools in their classroom, but they can also build curriculums around the products to weave in anti-bullying education. Furthermore, they are key to proliferating the brand/products because of their hub role between children, parents, and other educators.


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