Beat4594 – Aver


Sydney heavy psych band Aver has been busting tunes around local Sydney bars and concert venues since 2008. With their first full length album achieving high acclaim in the local Australian heavy psych scene, Aver is now about to release an extended vinyl edition of their highly anticipated 2015 album, Nadir. With their biggest gig by far coming up at the Manning Bar at end of April, supporting German band Kadavar. Aver plans to capitalise on their recent momentum by launching a social media campaign aimed at increasing their online audience, increasing their online participation and most importantly increasing their band camp traffic by a significant amount within the next month.

From Facebook analytics Avers audience is 70% male with the large majority between the ages of 18 – 34. Researching their audiences common interests has shown their fan base are widely involved in playing music and appreciating / creating art or music. From research conducted into relevant social influencers, artistic and humorous video and photo content is achieving the most social interaction between fans. Currently with minimal online presence Aver plan to develop a thorough online media plan to curate similar artistic content to their influencers with the aim of increasing their online participation and increasing their audience on their respected social media pages.


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