What is “Song of Time”

Song of Time is a musical story project. It produces by FUNTUNE Corporation. The special feature between this one and other projects is that it will give a great story through several original songs. Lots of outstanding staffs from various fields on the internet, and all of them can represent the highest level from their fields in China. In this stage we only have Chinese version of those songs, but in the future we will produce multiple-languages versions for transmission around the world.

The strategy of this project is to create an industrial chain of musical story which accords with the traits of cyberspace. The ultimate goal of it is making a new IP (intellectual property) for commercial purposes in the future. All the commercial activities will carry out around this IP.


Target audiences

There is a basic precondition in this circumstance. The transmission process of our main content depends on the cyberspace due to our strategy. According to the research, it shows that youth aged 14 to 28 years are the most active group among the internet users.

However, in this condition I would divide the audience group of youth people into two detailed classifications.

  • First, because our story will demonstrate through pop songs, so the first target audience group is youth people who interest in music.
  • Second, all the characters of our project represent as cartoon images, so another youth group who interests in animation would be attracted to our project.

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