Yummy Sydney Social Media Design Brief

About Yummy Sydney

Sydney is a diversified city full of immigrants from all over the world. In this city, you can easily find restaurants operated by people from various countries which make the dishes not only tasty but also authentic. That is the most significant reason I love Sydney. Yummy Sydney is a platform to share delicious food in Sydney with the public. It provides basic introduction, contact details and discount information of the restaurants in Sydney, and users could read the feedback and judgements from other people who ever been to the restaurants. It also provides some O2O services to the public such as reservation and group purchase. With this app, people could share their unique menus and food experiences with others online. Every week, the Yummy Sydney will organize some offline campaigns. For example, some users will be invited to go to one of the restaurants in Sydney to try their dishes for free. These invited people are required to share the particular experience on the app with words, pictures or videos. And there will also have some other offline activities hold by the Yummy Sydney which will be showed in the social media platforms.


The Audience

  1. People who love life and love delicious foods, especially those who are eager to try something new in an economical way.
  2. Immigrants who want to seek for the tastes of their hometowns.
  3. People who like to share their feelings and experience with others.
  4. The managers who want to promote their restaurants.

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