The Erko

The organization I have chosen to run a social media campaign with is The Erskineville Hotel, or simply as the locals call it, “The Erko”. “The Erko” is a pub in Sydney’s inner west suburb of Erskineville, close to Newtown and surrounded by other bars and cafes “The Erko” caters to locals and surrounding suburbs.

I feel that with three different social media platforms, specifically, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, that run correctly will enhance the business with user participation from patrons as well as breweries and other stakeholders.

With a niche in craft beer, a menu that caters to BBQ fans as well as pub grub classics, and a beer garden out back, “The Erko” is already setup to be the perfect local.

As it is an existing entity, it does already have a Facebook and Instagram page. Where there is no real plan setup for the managers to follow with the right organization and the addition of Twitter I think it will connect a local’s pub back to the local community, and give the community more of a say in what they want to see at “The Erko” in the future and keep them coming back.


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