The Colombian Backpacker


The Colombian Backpacker is a travel blogger. She is the representation of the young traveller. A single person who writes about the places she visits and thinks and looks for the same things backpackers do. She shares emotions and feelings about places and sights and she finds the best spots for stay and food. The Colombian Backpacker can list you the worst and best experiences whenever she goes but the most important thing of all is that she can tell you REAL stories.

The target audience for the social media campaign are young travellers 18-35 currently based or passing by Australia and New Zealand. These travellers define themselves as backpackers and although they do not look for luxury they have a decent budget to spend on tours and activities. They are always on the look for cheap and affordable experiences to be able to save more and travel more. Most of them quit their jobs to travel, are traveling after finishing their studies or are on a working holiday visa in AU or NZ.  They are highly active on social media especially on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. They share their travel photos and videos constantly and they appreciate being recognized by their acquaintances as adventurous.

The social media concept will consist in a combination of blog posts, photos, videos and user generated content to develop The Colombian Backpacker brand. The campaign will use Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat as its main platforms working with the hashtag #iamthebackpacker. The key message is come read the blog, we understand you and we can inspire your next adventure by being your friend and sharing real experiences. The campaign blends the personal and corporate identity of The Colombian Backpacker. She is “the girl that you met on the road”.


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