Sydney Goodies Social Media Design Brief

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About Sydney Goodies

Sydney Goodies is a Blog created especially for incurable food lovers! Sydney is a city filled with great culinary coming from all over the world and so many goodies worth of sharing, so we decided to do it.

Our aim is to show delicious restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries and special dishes in town that appeal to all tastes and pockets, so everyone can enjoy.

Key Message

The key message of the social campaign is “Delicious food  that is worth sharing”. The campaign intends to stimulate the audience to engage with the brand, sharing their pictures and personal experiences.

As we’ll target a young audience and the style of the blog is informal, the content in social media will have a fun and young appeal, varying according to the platform. The main social media platforms used will be Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, as well as WordPress for the blog itself.

Target Audience

The target audience consists of teenagers and young adults between 13 and 30 years old, male and female, living in Sydney. The main focus will be on University students, who usually have a busy social life involving dining out with friends and exploring different places in the city.

They are heavy users of Internet and social media, and constantly engage with companies and brands they’re interested in.


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