Stay Vibrant Campaign Brief


Stay Vibrant is a lifestyle program that promotes balanced and active ways of living. The program consists of two parts, food and fitness. Constant and useful information will be posted on our Facebook page, Instagram page and blog site. We also offer customized plans for purchase to help individuals accomplish their goals.

Key Message

The message we are trying to deliver is that a healthy lifestyle is obtainable and sustainable. In addition, there are a million kinds of vibrant lives and we should explore and choose the one that is suitable for our own.

Target Audience

The program is targeting on students and young professionals from 18 to 30 years old. This group of audience is at their most energetic phase of life, which is also the best time to build up a strong physique. Since the program offers purchasable service (with an affordable price), we are looking for audience with a certain financial ability. Our advice on fitness and food, which are comparatively affordable and obtainable, is also designed for such individuals.

Social Media Platforms

Stay Vibrant uses three platforms for this campaign: blog, Instagram and Facebook.

– Blog

Under the food category, users can find healthy recipes, general knowledge on food and tips on eating habits. Under the fitness category, there are general knowledge on sports and fitness and interviews with people that have inspiring experience. It’ll also have details of fitness challenges.

– Instagram

Instagram posts include inspiring quotes, pictures of a healthy dish (leads users to the recipe on blog), and pictures of users’ if they win a challenge or a competition.

– Facebook

Facebook page is for community building and feedbacks like Q&A. It’ll also give updates and links to the latest blog post.


To encourage interaction and participation, incentive will be a free customized program. Prizes are involved in fitness challenges, recipe competition.


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