Social Media Project Brief

Australia Makes Your Dream Come True

Dream Wedding Design Company (“Dream”) is a Australia based company which focuses on supplying personalized custom-made service to newlyweds to design their own wedding and honeymoon in Australian. Different from normal wedding celebration company, “Dream” is willing to attract Chinese newly-married couples to travel to Australia to hold wedding ceremony and honeymoon. In brief, wedding design is the product combining the feature both of DIY wedding celebration and tourism. According to the data from Travel Weekly China (2013), in 2013, the amount of overseas wedding increased 50% in China. And to some hot destination, the demand increased 100%. Obversely, wedding design product would be competitive and the potential market in China is large.

As mentioned, the target audience is Chinese newlyweds. And the features of target group can be defined as 3 points. Firstly, most of the target audiences age from 25-35, who are young and the main power of internet users. Secondly, according to data from World Tourism Cities Federation (WTOF) in 2014, most of the consumers of overseas tourism in China is high income level. Moreover, consider the high cost of overseas DIY wedding celebration, the target audience of Dream will also be the high income group. Thirdly, these consumers pursue to design an unique and rememberable wedding. Therefore, compared with cost of the product,  they care more about cultural and exotic experience. Consequently, personalized and detailed service should be the key aspect they focus on.


Bai, Qiu & Chen (2014, May15). Overseas Honeymoon, Independent Travel and DIY Tourism Become Main Stream. Retrieved March 8, 2016. from

World Tourism Cities Federation. (2014) China Outbound Tourism Marker Research Report.


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