Social Media design for Obarter

QQ截图20160315222303About Obarter

Obarter is an upcoming online community where people share their unwanted stuff and find values from others’ old stuff. The community’s name means exchanging the old stuff for better one. Through the online platform, the users can exchange everything like CDs, clothes, furniture, book, digital products, household appliances or any other items they don’t want. Just submit the unwanted stuff and speak out if anything they expect to have. Furthermore, users can also take part in the off-line swap parties, share the stories about their exchange experiences online and even make friends with each other. Finally, Obarter provides platforms for people to donate their old goods to relevant organizations who are in need.

Target Audience

One of the most important target audience are young man (aged 15-34 years) and middle-aged people (aged 24-54 years). According to the survey data from Statista, in 2014, 53.2% of global internet users were 15-34 years old, 34.1% of internet users were between 35 and 54 years old. Besides, they are also people who have strong consuming power, hence they have many superfluous objects to exchange. Therefore, Obarter, as an online community, the two age groups of people are pretty crucial.  Another significant target audiences are public service organizations who need old stuff to do good. For example, the Project Hope in china, which sometimes collects old stuff like computers, books and shoes to support the poor students in rural areas.

Written by Lu Liu


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