Social Media Design Brief-YANA

YANA is the abbreviation of “You are not alone”. It is a Chinese non-government organization, which serves for the elder parents who have lost their only child, also called as “shidu” in Chinese. The background of the organization is that between the 1978 and 1980, Chinese government promoted a population control policy called one-child policy. Under this policy, one parents can only have one child in their family. However, in the following thirty years, due to various accidents and reasons, a large number of single-child family lost their only child. Those elder parents are not able to give birth to another child and they are living without hope and lonely now. YANA is designed for this special group of people, which aims to appeal to the young people and the public to take care of these elder parents mainly by using online social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Instagram, QQ space and offline activities.

The target audience here is divided into two groups. One group is 16-25 Chinese young students, who are the main users of social media platforms and also have similar age with the elder parents’ children. According to Statista, China now has more than 410 million social network users and students accounts for the largest group, which is 28.8%. The other group is the elder parents who have lost their only child and seek for help. According to China Daily, the statistic of these elder people in current China is one million and growing 76000 each year.


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