Social Media Design Brief – RAINBOW


My chosen entity is a lifestyle zine named rainbow, which aim is to improve multicultural communication. It is well-known that Australia a country of immigrants, it includes people from different backgrounds to work and study in the same zone. However, according to the study published on Journal of Intercultural Studies, the feedback of cross culture communication is negative through university’s investigate.


The zine is based on this issue, the zine will be divided into 4 parts. They are cultural transmission of East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and America, Australia respectively. The cultural transmission can be materialized by introducing classical movies, interesting novels or music.

Target Audience

My target audience is divided by 4 groups. Firstly, either international or local students, they will be my main target audience. The second group is young occupational group,including white and blue collar. Thirdly, I think housewives will be the potential audience, because they have more leisure time and are usually interested in lifestyle zine. The last group should be people working in culture or media field, they may refer to the zine to learn more cross cultural information. I will use social media platforms to popularize my zine so as to improve international communication.


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