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Social Media Design Brief-Match Box

Match Box is a developing APP with a focus on providing deeply moving things for users to share and like every day, which could be a song, an article, a poem or a word in the main column. It also contains a topic community where users can find their interested topics and post their message on the community. In this way, users of this APP can participate in an interactive atmosphere and find their like-minded friends. It works on the idea of “10 minutes use for Match Box will ignite your inner light each day!”

Unlike some social APPs that only take users’ photos to get them interacted, Match Box is designed to build a more sincere and meaningful interactive platform using topic-oriented strategy for people to explore the life joy and sweetness.

The target audience is basically Chinese young adults generally aging from 15 to 30 years old. They are mostly university students and young workers who are keen on using mobile social APP to have fun. These groups of people are usually tech-savvy and are active on at least one social media platform. They like participating in virtual communities and having interactions with other users through several discussions. Basically, they all like exploring informative content via social media platforms.


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