Social Media Design Brief-Inspire Natural Beauty

About Inspire Natural Beauty

Inspire Natural Beauty is formed by a group of young Australian women who have experienced allergic reaction or skin irritation caused by commercial cosmetics and are now passionate about homemade natural skin care and beauty products. It aims at raising awareness of the adverse impacts of prolonged usage of chemical-containing cosmetics or skin care products to human body and skin as well as encouraging the behavioural switch to homemade organic cosmetics for long-lasting and natural beauty.

Target Audience

The campaign will target Australian female aged 18 to 30 as this group has the most number of users of chemical cosmetics and large proportion of them are heavy users according to Roy Morgan Research. Majority of them are either university students or working professionals with low to middle monthly income. They have a high affinity for social media platforms through mobile devices. Based on research by Edith Cowan University about their online behaviour related to cosmetics or beauty category, it is observed that they rely heavily on online consumer testimonials and makeup tutorial videos in decision making.

Key Message

The key message to communicate in its social media campaign is to replace the chemical-containing cosmetics with homemade natural cosmetics which are toxin-free and are nourishing to your skin while improving your appearance. This will be delivered with a soft-selling tone and manner to call for action throughout the campaign.


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