Social Media Design Brief —Elder Vision


I want to build a non-government organization—Elder Vision, “EV” for short. The organization is aim to build a platform for elder amateur photographer to communicate with those who have the same interested from all over the world,learn some basic skills from the information provided by platform or Users and share their products.

Because of the development of aging society, elders may occupy a large proportion of population.Some of them build n in photography and want to learn more about it. But there is few photographic organization or platform pay attention to elder amateur with Zero basis.In addition,with rapid development of the high technology, more and more elders feel difficult to adapt to the new world. Through promotion of this organization,i hope can provide a space for elders not only may develop their own interest but also could help them to make friends and to keep up with the times.

The main target audiences of EV is elder amateur photographer(>50) who may be zero basis.Some of the audience may not familiar enough with social media and may have less chance to get in touch with it or never have n use before.Because of that,those age of 15 to 50, who can proficiently use the social network and may be relevant to the main target audience, are also the target audiences of our activity and the social meida campaign of EV is also rely on Users-to-Users model  in order to cover the whole level of audience.


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