Social Media Design Brief


Design brief of Social media communication

WalkTheWorld (WTW) is a Chinese education brand which focuses on children’s education. The company of WTW has the idea of ‘ learning while having fun’ and willing to guide children to be more creative. To achieve this goal, it joints teams of teachers and students in universities around the country, concentrates on doing researches and developing different programs of comprehensive practical activities for two groups of school-age children— preschool (3-6 years) and primary school (7-12 years). Previously, the company pays no attention to social media platform and now they want to show their idea to the world and receive feedback from the world.


Key Message

Different from other travel agency, all the tour guides(the leaders of each group) in each program of WTW are the students from the Capital Normal University and have the teacher qualification certificates, which ensure the children could receive professional education and intensive care during the trip.

Target audience (on Social Media Platform )


Parents who don’t have time to accompany their kid during the weekday( even the evenings) could take a trip with their kids during weekends.

They could also communicate with others’ parents through social media platform like Facebook and Twitter, and share their parenting experiences with others.

2.Children 7-12 years old 

Children in this age stage could have a sharp vision as adults, enjoy many activities and grow hobbies.They begin to interact with the world by making friends and communicate with others and hunger for knowledge. (“The Growing Child: School-Age (6 to 12 Years)” Retrieved from http://www.stanfordchildrens.org/en/topic/default%3Fid%3Dthe-growing-child-school-age-6-to-12-years-90-P02278&sa=U&ei=eMq7VNe2I8_4yQSX-oCwAw&ved=0CEIQFjAI&usg=AFQjCNFn5tO-78ISMzUno4_7cO4dCvft1Q/ )

What’s more, children in this age could have access to social media platform like Facebook and Twitter.

3.Teachers and educators( potential )

Anyone who interests in children education would be potential audience.






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