Social media campaign brief-Mr. Cinephile


Mr. Cinephile is a non-profit organization based in Sydney. By introducing Chinese films and host movie fans meeting, Mr. Cinephile aims to create a platform for Chinese filmmakers to showcase their works to the international audience thus boosting their influences and gaining recognition on the world stage. The organization also strives to facilitate better communication and collaboration between Chinese film industry professionals with their international counterparts.

The social media campaign is for Mr. Cinephile and the theme will be #MyFilm. The campaign aims to help the organization obtain a high recognition from the public in Australia. By launching an online voting in Weibo and Facebook, the campaign could engage the online community and introduce Chinese films to a worldwide stage. In addition, since the users could decide which movie they want to see, the campaign also wants to push forward the upcoming movie fans meeting.

Generally, the target audience for my social media campaign will be Chinese movie fans. While the age limit cannot be exactly specified, majority of the individuals will range from 16-30 years old. After my research, I found that young people, especially university students are interested in being the volunteer for these movie events. In addition, they also like to follow movie festival or agencies on their Facebook or Twitter pages. The most important is that this demographic is good at using social media and familiar with how to interact with others. To be more specific, this campaign wants to motivate some professionals such as movie critics, to be the potential opinion leaders.



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