Social Media Campaign Brief for NTArts

New Traditional Arts (NTArts) is a non-profit organization. It aims at bringing traditional arts to daily life, preserving and revitalizing traditional arts. The organization plans to design and execute a social media campaign #DatingTradition, promoting the concept of Live With Traditional Arts. This online project would set a foundation for offline programs, such as organizing related tours, exhibitions or artworks exchange markets.

The campaign targets young amateurs for traditional arts as audiences. Adults aged from 18 to 35 years old are chosen. On one hand, the young generation features the rise of individualism, which informs our personalized participation strategies. On the other hand, they follow viewpoints and behaviors of key opinion leaders, influencing our information highlights.

In terms of gender, the campaign delivers messages to both women and men, but the female are more likely to engage in several subtopics such as crafting and chic in tradition. Accordingly, for these topics, we would build relations with female audiences through posts on female holidays and on specific platforms.

Furthermore, the tags of social media users who follow similar organizations or brands include culture nerd, history buff, art fanatic, museums and galleries fans or ethnic culture lover. Based on these tags, the education level of the target audience should be relatively high.


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