SAKURA comic shop – social media communication brief

SAKURA comic shop is a new brand which would be built in Australia. As it shows in google trends research, Australian search comic topic most frequently in the world. The comic shop, SAKURA, are mainly doing Japanese comic business. Comic, as an important industry in Japan, can be regard as a typical category of publication in Asian culture. It aims at building a popular comic shop brand and introducing Asian culture to Australian audience.
Our audience would mainly be young teenagers in the age from 14 to 25. There are three main reasons of choosing this age group as our target audience.
1 More interests in Comic books.
This age group are more creative and imaginative. They prefer to know and accept different styles of story. They tend to have more interests about fictitious characters and plot.
2 Desire to purchase
Comic books are not expensive. We can make sure that this group of audience could be able to afford the price. Also, compared to older people, they would be willing to spend more money on this category of books for their interests.
3 Easy for youth to read
Also, comic books are presented information depending on images, it would also be easy for young age group to read and help them understand the story.
(by Qian Guo)

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