Lyfestyled By Kyly Clarke

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.47.31 pm

This entity is a developing candles and homewares brand based out of Sydney, run by Australian model and TV presenter, Kyly Clarke.  As an online brand that I am wanting to grow, it has a number of elements, as it encompasses not only the Lyfestyled or ‘LS Homewares’ aspect, but also the personal endeavours of Kyly who is across media in Australia (attending events and appearing on television), and it also releasing her first book in a couple of weeks time. This personal celebrity element kind of underpins the brand as a whole- as the target audience usually have a base interest in her day-to-day endeavours, which impacts strongly on the brand’s general position in the marketplace, and on it’s online presence.

Understanding Lyfestyled’s target audience means honing in on the features that make up their individual online personas and habits, which together make a collective community. Demographically, the audience is made up of females within the broad age group of late twenties to 50-somethings, living in Australia. Their online character can be described as belonging to the “mummy blog” group – popularly recognised as engaging heavily with ‘lifestyle’ kind of content, ranging from ideas for home decorating, to recipes, to tips for throwing their next children’s birthday party. Of course not limited to the demographic confines of being a Mum, I identify Lyfestyled’s target audience as rather broadly having the online communication habits of a person who is relatively technologically competent, and quite active in certain platforms when expressing and sharing their interests in lifestyle or style-related material. The campaign has a more targeted target audience, which will be built from the existing followers, but hopefully become a mobilised, loyal, and participative networked community.


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