Voluncation and the target audience

Hello all! My name is Li Li. I’m doing a Social Media Design for a non-profit website, which is named Voluncation. It’s actually my personal project. My friends and I have been working on it for almost one year and it will launch by the end of September. It is a Chinese volunteering information platform, which gathers volunteer program information, translates the information to Chinese and aims to encourage Chinese people to go abroad to help people who need their help and see more about the world.

Our target audiences are Chinese and Chinese who are staying overseas. The four main groups are students, people in the Gap Year, professionals and overseas Chinese. Firstly, students are young and energic, having long holidays, interested in trying out new things and travelling to new places. The second group is people in the Gap Year. They may just graduate from school, or they could be professionals who would like to take a break in the career journey. They got plenty of time and would like to experience something special and meaningful. The third group is professionals. The volunteer programs require a lot of professionals actually. For example, there are insufficient doctors and health care staff. Some developing countries cry for water quality inspectors to improve the water quality. Lastly, our target audiences also include Chinese who are staying overseas. They have good English communication skill, overseas life experience and open-minded with Voluntourism.


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