Chen _ Jiali (Kelly) _ Social Media Design Brief _ Fiabelle Handmade Shoes


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Fiabelle is an Australian Shoe company that helps to bring back quality handmade shoes by being the link between customers and the community of skilled craftsmen that make comfortable, high quality, designer shoes without the designer price tag.

We discovered a community of skilled artisans based in a town in Beirut, Lebanon. Here we met Rafi and his team. Rafi has been a shoe craftsman for years but now they are loosing business due to mass production and factories in counties like Bangladesh where workers are exploited to create cheap products to maximise profits. This is a hurting craftsman like RAFI and many more around the world. Our Aim is to create high-end designer shoes while helping this community of craftsmen sustain their art and build infrastructure that will last for generations to come.

Our audience includes global fashionista who pursue unique shoe design and mainly between 18 – 34 years old based in Australia & the US, and all the global environment/fair trade/ethical fashion enthusiasts who can help us support the incredible craftsmanship.

Our hope is this company will inspire other industries to take more sustainable steps in engaging artisans and rethinking their carbon footprint in mass production.  We are more than just a shoe company.

Our main social media communication platforms are Instagram, Facebook & blogs.


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