Across Online Car Hiring Service

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Across Online Car Hiring Service


Name:Mengbing Wu

SID: 440559306


About Across

Across is an online car hiring service that connects drivers and riders together through a mobile application. This ridesharing service meets the requirements of sustainable and economic development because it saves money and time for users.


Social media campaign:

The topic of social media campaign is about interesting stories in ridesharing journey. There are lots of fresh experiences in Across’ service, including the types of auto vehicles, different kinds of drivers and riders, and a wide range of departure points and destinations. As a result, exploring on the new world would be the core concept of this social media campaign. Users could share their stories using pictures, videos and comments that online using Across.


Target audience:


  1. Drivers who have seats available in their cars
  2. Drivers that are eco-friendly and want to minimize their footprint on the environment
  3. Those who want to make a profit from ridesharing.



  1. People who do not own cars and want more efficient travel than public transport
  2. Travelers who want to experience local culture and meet with local people
  3. People who want to travel on a budget



  1. Age: 16-50 years old
  2. Gender: the number of male users is greater than female users, but the difference is marginal
  3. Educational backgrounds: not specified but drivers need to be licensed
  4. Occupation: not specified
  5. Income level: middle class
  6. Living areas: over 90% users live in urban and suburban areas

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