My online campaign will be Story Lands-Xinjiang,which will be an online exhibition for showing both cultural and natural tales of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.Because of the isolated location and potential safety hazard(there are more than 10 terrorist attacks happened in Xinjiang since 2009).Most people in other areas of China and from foreign countries always hold some misunderstandings towards this region.This online exhibition will show a multicultural society and a land full of tales shared by the Uygurs,Hans,Kazakhs,Huis,Mongols,Xibes,Tajikis and many more ethnic groups.

KEY MESSAGE (including storify,image,post,article)

I have got touch with some local photographers who are specialised in recording history landmarks as well as natural landscapes in Xinjiang.They would like to share their picture materials in this online exhibition.What I plan to do is to post those photos on different platform with true stories behind them.

Story Lands-Xinjiang will provide users with some online activities to make them collaborate with us and exchange their own stories about Xinjiang with us as well.

This online exhibition will contribute to showing every aspect of the society of Xinjiang and encouraging more travellers to explore this mysterious land and share their own experiences.

Target Audiences

  • Artists (or people who are insterested in ethnis arts)
  • Local residents in Xinjiang, including minorities
  • Photographers (people who want to improve or exchange their shooting skills)
  • Journalists(or people who have passion on understanding multicultural but political sensitive regions)
  • People who like traveling, especially those who prefer remote places and natural places instead of modern cities
  • People who are into exploring delicious food,foodies for short
  • People who are interested in extreme sports

Typical Demographic Factors

  • Age:15-50
  • Gender:both
  • Religion:not specific but focus on Muslim people
  • Education:not specific
  • Occupation:not specific




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