Social Media Design

imageIntroduction of the company
As described on it’s official website, Culture Kings is Australia’s leading streetwear lifestyle store. Currently as a rapid-growing young fashion retail brand, it has five subbranches in five cities of Australia. Culture Kings sells primarily streetwear, headwear and footwear apparel and it also has its own barbershops in stores. Unlike other traditional clothing retailing stores, Culture Kings dedicates its promotion on street fashion and Hip-hop culture, and it is portrayed through musical and visual elements. For example, live DJ shows in stores to create its identity and utilizes social media to construct a connection between consumers and the brand.

The idea of my social media campaign
In order to build closer connection and form better interaction with current customers, also for engaging more young generations who keen on street fashion to know Culture Kings, I decide to plan a 3 weeks social media campaign called #YesIwillPay.

Target audience
The target audience would be young generations, especially males, in the 16-28 demographic, who are major users of SNS (Social Network Site), streetwear fans and street culture followers.

Audience behavior description
Influenced by skateboarding and Hip-Hop style, they have formed particular wearing style and they are keen to show off their wearing style through social media such as posting on Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest. The aim is for others to compliment and appreciate the outfits. Thus, there also exist potential competition between them. They always follow some prominent bloggers and Instagram users, and they also focus on latest release information of popular brands.


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