Social Media Design Brief

This social media design brief is for DJ Reko. He is a Chinese student at UTS, who has been doing DJ for 3 years. He began playing at HOME, a nightclub since last year. He started with beatbox when he was a teenager, after listening to one form of electronic music which is called dubstep several years ago and watching DJ Hardwell’s show in Miami, he started learning to become a DJ. Since he is also a beatboxer, his particular music form is adding his own beatbox music and make a remix version which is quite unique. This social media campaign will help him acquire more attention from Chinese and Asian and let more people know about his music. Also, those who love electronic music could have the chance to enjoy his music.

The survey and research have been done through on-the-ground experience and online information. The target audience could be divided into two types, which are people who love EDM (electronic dance music) and those who love nightclubs, especially Chinese and Asian young people.

There’s no age limitation for the first type, but mostly young audience. They could search and listen to Reko’s music online.

For the second type, the age group is roughly from 16 to 40. Basically, in each nightclub, there will always have people between 16-18 sneaking in, though their number is few, and they always look older than they really are. The majority group of people is between 20 and 30 years old with an average of 24. However, there still is a large group of 30-35 years old and some 35+. There are less people from the age of 40. Also, every party or nightclub is different, it varies from forms of music, and depends on his music forms, which are house, trap and dubstep, the crowd is much younger. As for Chinese and Asian young people, a Chinese or Asian DJ is not very common. Thus, the audience could also be Chinese and Asian young people.未命名 -1


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