Social media design brief

Fresh Day Smoothies is a brand sells smoothie blenders and smoothie ingredients sets. It also provides delivery service to customers which may boost their interest to buy our products. Basing on my knowledge of Chinese people, who showing increasing interest in western healthy diet, I target at Chinese people ranging from 20 to 45 years old who prone to change their diet habit to be healthier. This group of people are fast learners and frequent users of online resources. They spend a certain amount of time to grasp new knowledge in online communities and blogs, so it would be more possible for them to know our brand. Another reason is that this group of people are more adaptable to accept a new diet habit. To better explore this niche market, I choose Wechat and Weibo as my target social media platforms since they are the social media that my target audiences feel comfortable to use. I will also choose YouTube because it is an international influential video platform, which may be a perfect platform to attract audiences too. To boost sales and reputation of the brand, I will run a lucky draw activity and a “smoothie story” recruitment activity to raise public attention.



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