SkyWing Aviation Club


The SkyWing Aviation Club aims at provide a general platform for aviation lovers and aircraft model collectors. It is committed to supplying consumers and followers with the best products and services during the their experience with our business.The SkyWing Aviation Club gains profit from aircraft model selling, maintenance and advertising.

Target Audience

The audiences may include airplane model collectors, frequent air travelers, aviation photographers, enthusiasts and pilots that come from every corner of the globe.

I may firstly target the aircraft model collectors who will directly buy models from the club so that we can have sufficient operation funds.

Secondly, as aviation is a big theme in photography, there are also very huge numbers of photographers shooting the airplane, producing awesome pictures. So the aviation photographer group also belongs to the target list.

Finally, I have the frequent air travelers, enthusiasts and pilots. They love flying, enjoy hearing the noise of the engine and watching how this big metal fly into the sky.

Social media would be a very convenient tool for them to share their thought and get information, especially for collectors and photographers, they enjoy posting their hobbies and creations, enjoy being commented and shared. They not only share everything in our location but also on the online platform (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube)We are not just selling aircraft models, but strive to create an aviation community for aviation lovers.



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