Raydere Coaching

My social media design brief will be for a professional league of legends player, Derek “Raydere” Trang. This is called “Esports”, sports where players compete via video games. For anyone who haven’t heard about this game before, in 2013 according to the “USA TODAY”, sports section, there were 32 million people watching this game World Championship’s final match. This number is more than double the “MLB World Series” (baseball) and “NCAA Basketball Final Four.

Raydere has been doing coaching for people who want to join the competitive scene of the League of Legends and want to improve their gaming skills. He is rank 1 player in Oceanic server at the moment. He is the leader of the team representing Australia in many international competitive tournaments.

The target audience will be gamers in Oceanic region. The demographic for this campaign will be both male and female gamers aged between 16 to 23 from average to good income background. The campaign will be looking for people who already play the game but want to continue their career path as a professional player and also people who want to be better at the game. The target audience for this campaign is people who are using Twitter, Facebook and the game official forum to communicate. Most gamers already followed professional players on Twitter and also watching them on streaming websites (e.g. Twitch, Azubu). So it will be really easy to spread out news and promotions via twitter because most fans are already using it.


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