The entity is a group of people who are enthusiastic in promoting healthy lifestyle by introducing and displaying exercise videos, sharing effective fit tips, and selling healthy diet meal boxes. Its name is Fitwise, which means follow it, you can just keep fit wisely.

After the chips and chocolates dream broken down, people are more conscious about their health and at least their outfit, but scarcely provided professional exercise knowledge and the difficulties of keep doing all by oneself makes it even more difficult for people to always get along. However in China, where fit and tone is just to be popular, this is still a serious issue. Therefore here comes Fitwise, targeting at the audience who are eager to live a healthy lifestyle at the same time keep fit, but own little knowledge about what to do and how to do, and who though are well acknowledged the toolkit, just too hurry to wait for the result.

The demographic characteristics of these people can be classified as young and middle aged male and female, easy to get involved into social media activities, and primarily Chinese citizens. Firstly, this kind of age group is the generation that can control their decisions and they are more conscious of their own healthy and outfit than children or very old people, no matter whether they are male or female. Secondly, since nearly all content is presented through media platforms, it would be better if the audience is ready to adapt. And finally, the reason why the target should ideally be Chinese is that there is a huge market for this fit industry in China, and the Chinese people have quite different perception on what is fit and tone and inherently Chinese have different skeleton and muscles from those of westerns.


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