EASTSONG DESIGN social media design brief


About the brand

Eastsong Design is an existing brand-design firm based in Beijing, China. The firm is willing to extend the graphic (visual identity) design service into Australian market in the near future. As a new to Australian market brand, it is crucial for Eastsong to:

(1) Increase exposure; (2) Increase engagement; (3) Increase influence

on social media networks.

Key message

The campaign’s name is Eastsong #My Visual Identity (#MYVI). Rather than creating a business innovation that directly promoting the company’s products and services, this social media campaign, Eastsong #MYVI is going to focus on incorporating the existing brand image into Australian society. The objective of this campaign is to build connections with target audiences by organising a “self-discovery journey” on social media sites that encourages individuals to showcase their unique individual visual identities and ultimately raises their awareness of the brand.

The target audiences and key influencers

For the business, the target audiences would be new business owners, young entrepreneurs and brand managers. However, since this campaign is to promote the brand in a general sense, lead audiences to participate and interact with the brand essence, the primary audiences for this campaign would be young Australian professional/amateurs artists age between 16-28; young adult who interested in design, photography and lifestyles and would also use social media to showcase themself. Examples of target audiences could be a fine arts student from Sydney College of the Arts, a current employee who works in an industry design company or a blogger who likes sharing creative works. The key influencers would be active organisations, communities or bloggers who relevant to design or lifestyle field.

Zhong Luke Liu


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