“Catspresso” social media design brief_Rui Z




About ‘Catspresso’

‘Catspress’ is an emerging boutique cafe food truck only delivery quality coffee at midnight.

Its mascot is a little black cat called ‘Espresso’, and it is a pretty cafe truck only shuttle back and forth between uni campus and CBD from 4pm to 2am. It is not only service good coffee, it is also offer customers great deal on all- day breakfast menu for them  to take-away.


Key Message

‘Catspresso’ like to help people who study late or stay up late for work to have the opportunity drink good coffee somewhere nearby. Since the most of cafe shop close at afternoon, it is a suffering for people who caffeine addicted. They normally don’t like the taste of energy drink and is very harmful to their body.

Due to ‘Catspresso’ trending opening is at night, the social media plan will be called “sleeping with my coffee”.


Target Audiences

  • Students: they are the most active group of people use social media. It is easy to get two- way communication.
  • Young employers: they likely to work hard since they are new to the company. They may have to stay in the office to finish their work. Even they are less active in the social media platform, but they still like to receive good deal on coffee.



  • Improve brand influence;
  • Grow community, gain followers on social media;
  • Drive sales



  • Create facebook/ twitter/ instagram/ snapchat account and public pages
  • #nightcafe, #catspresso, #sleepwithmycoffee

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