AVITECH AUSTRALIA Social Media Design Brief

AVITECH AUSTRALIA is a tour company located in western Sydney, providing private and customized travel for Chinese visitors to Australia. Compared with group tour, clients are able to design their own unique and flexible tour itineraries that suit their needs.


Tasting something local is the key to AVITECH AUSTRALIA; therefore, apart from the appreciation of the spectacular natural scenery, interesting experiences of Australian culture and typical Australian lifestyle are incorporated into the trip. Another highlight offered by AVITECH AUSTRALIA is Angel’s Perspective of the continent, with images that were once out of reach captured by an unmanned aerial vehicle.


The target audiences are Chinese visitors who are willing to visit Australia at ease. They can be young couples planning to honeymoon in Australia. They can be old people who just retire and start to enjoy their lives. They can be white-collar workers who are eager to get away from the heavy work pressure. They can be overseas students who are pursuing education in Australia. They can be kids who are on summer or winter vacation. Therefore, the target audience could be a wide range of people from all age groups and all walks of life.


Fei Zhao


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