Social Media Design Brief

The group is called healthy choice that is a vegetarian group and its goal is to persuade people to eat less meat. The social media campaign posted for the group, named vegMonday, is to call upon people to have a vegetarian diet on every Monday. This is a middle ground for meat lovers who want to keep health or protect environment as well, hence it is easy to practice.

The target audience are people who target healthcare and environment protectors, animal lovers and Buddhists. People interested in healthcare have the intent to control diet to keep fit and keep nutritional balance. They may control the amount of meat to help them prevent from some diseases. Animal lovers are the key audience. They are willing to eat less meat to protect animals not to be killed as human being’s food. Environment protectors are also target audience, because cooking meat can release more carbon dioxide than cooking vegetables. Raising animals for food requires massive land, water, energy and so on, which is significantly responsible for climate change. For Buddhists, compassion is the principle of life, and not killing is the essential rule. These four groups of audience are more easily to accept the idea of vegetarianism than other meat lovers.


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