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You And Everyone You Know / Social Media Brief

You and Everyone You Know began as a means of sharing stories of mental illness and breaking down the stigmas attached to them. The project started in March of 2016 in the hopes of starting a movement that eliminates the shame, loneliness and confusion that comes along with either suffering a mental illness or living with a person that does whilst providing the sufferer with easy and accessible options to seek help and understanding.

YAEYK has a blog, Facebook and Instagram that is updated daily with stories that can inspire or simply help the reader to realize they aren’t alone. The biggest feedback from You and Everyone You Know from both submitters and readers is that they did not know other people were experiencing the challenges they too experience. It is the hope that YAEYK can both provide readers with a sense of community and also a detailed resource list of apps, centres, phone lines, websites and groups that can assist with whatever mental illness sufferers may be experiencing.

It may be known by some that attempting to seek help from large centres like Headspace and Beyond Blue can leave the sufferer disappointed as funding for mental health in Australia is shockingly low. YAEYK attempts to provide alternative means of seeking help when the larger corporations can no longer do so. It is YAEYK’s hope to fight for extra funding for mental health awareness and treatment and provide sufferers with lesser known options for treatment such as local meetups, information on mental health care plans and group therapies run by local hospitals. We hope to provide our audience with a large range of treatment options that can suit all your individual needs. You and everyone you know has a mental health that needs to be taken care of daily so the demographic for this project ranges the entirety of spectrum of age however not everyone can be treated for mental illness the same way so we aim to provide options for all different ages, races and concerns. That said, it appears the popular demographic of readers ranges from the age of 13-30 from analytics sourced from the blog and we will use this as a foundation in regards to how we post online and what better suits our audience.

– Amelia Goldie


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