Kale Yeah


Established in 2014, Kale Yeah is a health-centric superfood cafe where consumers can go to feel great about their food and the ingredients used to make it. After upgrading their cafe to a larger space and updating their social media strategy, Kale Yeah is preparing for a second “grand opening” and projecting a strong start to the new fiscal year.

I have used a series of contemporary research to analyse the target demographic of superfood consumers. These individuals deeply care about nutrition and organic food products. They tend to be highly educated, technologically inclined, and environmentally conscious. Superfood consumers are primarily between 25 to 40 years old, mostly female, earn an average annual salary of $65k, and live in metro areas. These individuals care about sustainability and consider fitness to be a leading priority. They are often the first among their friends to try something new, but can have difficulty fitting nutritious meals into their extremely busy days. Because of the progressive nature of our consumers, the demographic is highly motivated by social reinforcement to their lifestyle choices, and are avid social network users. For the purposes of the campaign launch, I will refer to this type of superfood consumer as a “healthy realist” in the future.


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