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HONDANA – Social Media Design Brief

HONDANA-LogoHONDANA is an upcoming store that specialises in the distribution of Japanese-related goods to the Australian audience. The company’s name, which means bookshelf in Japanese, symbolises the storage of the goods purchased at this store: anime DVDs, manga, character goods & collectibles, and figurines in both its native Japanese and translated English counterpart. As most of these items are available at a few select stores, which also only stock one type of these items, or through online outlets, this company aims to create an all-in-one store where fans can find all their favourite merchandise in one place. With this, the company hopes to expand onto an online platform in the foreseeable future.

The target audience is a niche market that consists of individuals who are interested in Japanese popular culture. While the age limit cannot be exactly specified, majority of the individuals will range from teenagers to young adults – i.e. those who grew up watching anime on Cheez TV in the 1990s – around 15-30 years old. This demographic is constantly utilising the internet, especially social media, as my research found that many of them follow agencies or companies who provide regular updates on their Facebook and Twitter pages. These individuals are also learning, or willing to learn, Japanese in order to purchase goods in Japanese.


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