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A podcast aimed to provide information – on what? Anything and everything related to the lives of young people.

What you’re doing, what you’re feeling, what you’re saying, what you’re thinking…

All too often, this stuff doesn’t get much airtime – it stays inside our own heads – like a big secret we carry around – sometimes feeling incredibly weird, confusing, embarrassing, overwhelming… definitely not something to be SAID OUT LOUD.

FYI is about creating a space where young people can find their voice, share real stories and have honest conversations…because sharing is not only caring – it’s empowering – AND it means we are not alone!


My social media campaign is for FYI Radio – a new podcast which provides practical tools and support for young people to get through the awkward, challenging and, at times, excruciating ‘growing up’ experience.

Hosted by clinical psychologist Laura Brophy, each episode will feature a blend of different voices sharing their stories, concerns and thoughts on a certain issue, in addition to an exploration of what might help people navigate through their difficulties (based on the personal experiences of young people and the latest evidence-based psychological interventions).

The topics for each week will vary greatly – from ‘fucking up’ to FOMO; masturbation to box gaps – however the aim of each episode will remain the same: to create a shame free space, away from psychological labels such as “anxiety”, “depression” and “mental health”, where young people can have their experiences normalised by listening to real and authentic conversations about the things that matter most.


As this podcast has been designed specifically for adolescents and young adults, the target audience for my social media campaign will be young people aged between 16 and 25 years of age. Of particular focus will be facilitating engagement with members of that age bracket who are socially, physically or geographically isolated.

For example, young people in rural communities, young people with disabilities, young people with mental health issues, young people who are same-sex attracted or gender diverse, young people who have been subject to racial discrimination, etc.

It is also hoped that by facilitating a safe space to discuss personal difficulties, FYI Radio may assist audience members with emerging mental illness to seek appropriate face-to-face treatment.


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