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Duck King Social Media design brief


About Duck King Sydney

Duck King is a Chinese brand which is famous of various pot-stewed duck products, such as duck neck, duck wings, duck liver, etc. Although it has its store in Sydney for over five years, Duck King Sydney did not do any systematic online promotion job. Previously, company only relied on its high reputation from mainland China and people’s mouth in Sydney.  Now, I want to help them do a three months online campaign and attract more customers.

Key message:

Different from other related pot-stewed duck brand, Duck King Sydney aims at using the healthiest ingredients and providing Sydney customer same taste of products what they have eaten in China. All of online campaigns may relates to its key concepts and will involve more audience participate into online activities.

Target audience:

  1. Regular Chinese customer
  2. Chinese young adult( age from 18-34)


  1. For the group of regular Chinese customers, according to the store manager, the age range can be roughly calculated as 18-60. They work in different area and pot-stewed food is one of their daily life choice. They have high brand loyalty. Considering the income aspect, most of them may have good financial status. Otherwise, they will not have extra money to buy food just for fun.
  2. For the group of Chinese young adult, most of them can be categorized into university students and employee. They are familiar with social media use and have ability in accepting new information. They are keen on finding interesting news or activities online. Last but not least, their attention to the post can transfer to actual purchasing power.

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