Social Media Design Brief


This campaign named “Education & Medical Autism (EMA)”which is related to support the education and medical treatment of autistic children (0-18) in Australia. The purpose is increasing the input education and medical of autistic children by the year of 2020. Autism is a brain development disease, which would lead to social communication difficult and restricted behavior and interests. In Australia, almost 230,000 children are suffering this disease. Most of these children lose educational opportunity and medical conditions. So EMA would provide free education and medical treatment opportunity for autistic children.

The education and medical treatment of autistic children should be paid more attention by families’, hospital, schools, government, and communities. The target audiences contain teachers, doctors, parents and communities and government workers.

Doctors play a very important role in the media treatment of curing the autistic children. In the medical area, finding and curing autism are strongly relevant to doctors’ work. Encouraging doctors to the emphasis on the autism is effective to enhance the recovery rate. They need to use websites, which would search for treatment methods and various cases of autism.

Teachers and parents need to focus on the education of autistic children from this campaign. Parents need to enhance the educational participation of autistic children, and teachers would promote the education quality. Teachers and parents are potential groups, which want to search a successful way to promote the education implement.

The financial budget of communities and government also decide to the quality of medical treatment and education of autistic children. So workers of government are target audiences in this campaign.

Submit by Wenjia Song



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