Social Media Design Brief


I want to recommend a non-profit organization—Care for the Wild Africa, “CWA” for short. At present, with the continuous expansion of the scope of human activities, more and more wild animals are facing the risks of being slaughtered by the mankind and endangered.

Through promotion by this organization, I wish more and more people can pay attention to the wild animals in Africa, and that it can improve people’s awareness of protecting these wild animals in Africa. What is more, through this activity, we wish to attract more volunteers to join us and care for the animals with us.

The CWA’s target audience is the all age groups of people who are concerned about animal protection in Africa, such as the local government, animal protection associations and those age of 20 to 50 who can use the social networking.

For this campaign to be a success, the input of local government is very important. The policies of government affect local wildlife.

Various animal protection organizations are also our target audiences. Many animal protection associations and organizations have set branches in various cities and regions around the world, and each organization could attract tens of thousands of members and volunteers. These organizations have adequate manpower, material and financial resources to help wild animals in Africa.

The people between 20-50, who can proficiently use the social network, are also the target audiences of our activity. The propaganda strategy of this activity is mainly promoted from the social network platform. These people can proficiently use the social network. Moreover, people in this age group have basically accepted higher education, so they tend to have higher awareness of animal protection.


Submitted by DI CHEN


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