Shining Voice Sydney Social Media Design Brief

s&d sydney

About Shining Voice Sydney, INC.

Shining Voice Sydney, INC. is a non-profit organization specializing in the promotion of interests in the art and science of public speech. The location of the organization is in Annandale, NSW, Australia, within close reach of the Sydney CBD area and also distinguished academic institutions such as University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney. The institution has just been established in March 2016. With voluntary support from its registered members, professional speech teachers and adjudicators, Shining Voice Sydney, INC. is embarking on a journey to inspire all speech lovers in the Sydney local region to appreciate the power and beauty of fine speech.

Key Message

Shining Voice Sydney, INC. provides a varied array of online and offline activities to enable an enlightening journey of speech skills development. Shining Voice Sydney, INC. also encourages free exchange of speech skills development information and organized collaboration among its members.

This non-profit organization also offers professional offline seminars and online one-on-one tutorship service provided by qualified speech tutors and adjudicators at affordable price.

Target Audience

  • Students who are interested in improving their public speech and presentation skills
  • Business professionals aspiring to make a successful career by honing their speech skills within a commercial context
  • Political activists seeking a wider audience of their advocacy though delicate speech presentation

Characters of Target Audience

  • Audience is found across major demographic groups, aged between 16-80. These include people from different background, with major audience sub-classes falling into the category of students (i.g. high school or college speech club members), marketing and sales personnel (e.g. advertisers for a fashion brand), environmental campaign activists (e.g. climate change advocates), etc.
  • Equipped with a relatively high achievement of literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Avid readers of fiction and nonfiction literature and often use internet, especially search engines and social networking sites, to locate, consume and share information and ideas.
  • Eager to acclimate to the energetic and creative atmosphere in the Web 2.0 age, recognizes the empowering function of SNSs and ready to challenge traditional thinking patterns through participation and reflection in group activities.


Submitted by XUAN LU

Email: xulu9997@uni.sydney.edu.au


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