Brides & Bargains Social Media Design Brief



About Brides & Bargains

Brides & Bargains is a superstore specialized in wedding-related products. This bridal shopping paradise is located in Cherrybrook, NSW Australia, and had just recently open in March 2016. Brides-to-be could explore and indulge themselves in more than 10 different departments which comprises of Wedding Dresses, Wedding Shoes, Bridesmaid Dresses, Grooms’ Suit, Wedding Bouquet and Boutonnieres, Jewelries, Decorative Items, Wedding Souvenir and Bomboniere, Wedding Cake, and Miscellaneous Wedding Accessories – all in reasonable price.

Brides & Bargains believes that all brides deserves a wonderful and magical wedding without having to spend a fortune.

Key Message

“Brides & Bargains offers unique and exclusive one-stop shopping experience for brides-to-be by providing extensive array of products and services with highly affordable price.”

Primary Audience

  • Women, in a long-term relationship or engaged, aged between 22 and 38
  • Is a bride-to-be or recently engaged or planning to get married
  • Resides in Sydney and surroundings area of New South Wales
  • Belongs to Skilled Working Class (C2 Class) and Working Class (D Class)
  • Mostly used internet for social networking sites, entertainment and search engine
  • Psychological characteristic includes sociable, creative, loves shopping and bargain shopping, extroverted and loves networking

Secondary Audience

  • Women, aged 18-55 which includes of mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, future in-laws, friends, and colleague of the bride-to-be
  • Similar demographic and psychographic characteristic with bride-to-be

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