Social media has become an important approach for both individual people and business to communicate under the context of fast development of internet technologies and globalization. While increasing number of people, especially young people use social media to communicate with others, marketers also identify this advantage of social media to increase their brand awareness through building communities in major social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. X-SPACE is a real-life room escape game which targets people at the aged of 18-30 years old who like teamwork, adventure and puzzles, and managers who can easily organize employees to play the game in X-SPACE. In this situation, the author will use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which have more active users in Australia to conduct his social media campaign to target the potential consumers from social media.

Social media community

No other promotional approaches like social media which can cultivate a community could gain instant accesses to potential consumers when followers become parts of the community. Social media is essentially self-promoting in that people spread, and its viral quality has made it an appealing method for marketers to market their services or products. Marketers have started to understand the significance of social media as a part in their marketing campaigns and strategies to access to potential target consumers. In addition, studies have found that social media users are highly motivated web customers which are supported by Riegner (2007) that seventy percent of social media users have involved in online shopping. In this situation, X-SPACE can also use social media platforms to conduct social media campaigns to increase its brand awareness among potential users on three major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because the above three social media platforms have large number of active users. This means that through the social media campaigns, X-SPACE can access to large amount of potential uses.

The various social media modes for X-SPACE

Marketers adopting social media like Facebook could have different shapes. In terms of the Facebook model, it contains replacing the concept of a human friend with a tangible product or brand or establishing a group or page. Users who elect to like the company or products advertise this connection to their own private contacts network (Kaplan, & Haenlein, 2010). This means that X-SPACE can also build its own community on Facebook to communicate with potential users on the internet. Depending on these potential users, X-SPACE can have the opportunity to access to more potential users on the social media platform.


In terms of Twitter, it is a combination of social network and micro blogging. Twitter permits people to receive advertisements from favored producers and small updates as well. It offers chances to users to involve in real-time sharing. In addition, a tweet has a limit of less than 140 characters which means that the user’s followers could see the twitter on this social media platform.


Instagram is another type of social media on which users can create and pose photos and brief videos. In this way, users on Instagram can share their interesting lives with other users on this platform. Meanwhile, users can share their news to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

Lower cost but higher benefits

Through integrating the application of the above three social media platforms X-SPACE cannot just promote itself to potential and existing consumers, but also reduce costs and enhance reach. Studies have found the cost of social media platforms is highly lower than other kind of marketing tools like face-to-face salespeople or distributors or middlemen or making ads on TV commercials (Huang, et al. 2009). Moreover, these kind of marketing campaigns permit X-SPACE to reach to consumers which they fail to access because of locational or temporal limitations of current distributional channels. It is clear that X-SPACE target both young users who love teamwork and adventures and managers. The diverse backgrounds of the target consumers’ demographics show that social media platforms are good channels for X-SPACE to access to different target users, especially those young users.

Building good customer relationship

While conducting social media campaigns to increase X-SPACE brand reputation, social media can also help X-SPACE build good customer relationship with potential users. This is because unlike listening to radio or watching TV, building campaigns on facebook, Twitter or instagram can let users become more than just passive recipients of the social campaigns. This means that customer interaction between X-SPACE and potential consumers can be increased (Sheth, & Sharma, 2005). As for X-SPACE, it can also gain the ability to target potential consumers on the basis of site user’s interests. With this smart advertising and social marketing, X-SPACE can enable word-of-mouth to promote its products beyond what advertizing alone can achieve. This is supported by many studies that any time marketers need to generate buzz or communication their objective, social media can be the cornerstone of their successes.

Actions to building a successful social media campaign for X-SPACE

In order to create a successful social media campaign for X-SPACE, it should treat each channel as a separate entity. For instance, Facebook tends to have a more business focused audiences looking for educational, in-depth contents in comparison with Instagram which has audiences searching for engaging visual contents (Murugesan, 2007). Therefore, X-SPACE marketers should pay attention to its followers’ demographic characteristics on each site to publish contents which can appeal to them. In this aspect, X-SPACE mainly targets the young people at the age of 18-30 years old and those managers based on occupations. Therefore, it can take advantage of Facebook to conduct its social campaigns to access to those managers while it can use twitter and instagram to access to those young people at the age of 18 – 30 years old.

In order to increase the dissemination of the social media campaign, marketers for X-SPACE should not underestimate the importance of their headlines. For example, in terms of Twitter headlines, marketers should use a powerful, timely hook to evoke a specific picture in users’ minds. For instance, Secrets to enjoy the joy and adventurous experience that X-SPACE will never tell you. After designing an attractive headline for X-SPACE, it is also necessary to optimize the social profiles. This is because X-SPACE’s posts, tweets and images would change every day, but its profiles will not changed. Therefore, when new prospects find X-SPACE online, they will firstly look their social media profiles. As a result, X-SPACE should ensure it has an URL to X-SPACE site in an obvious area because people often desire to gain an in-depth understanding of the target product or service company’s profiles. Meanwhile, since X-SPACE has taken advantage of facebook, twitter and instagram to conduct its social media campaigns, it should have professional operational team staffs to effectively manage and update the information posted on the three social media sites (Hill, et al. 2006). For example, X-SPACE should ensure its format, images, and voices could be consistent across the three above social media sites. In addition, it should link to a network specific landing page. Having a dedicated landing page is necessary with one for facebook followers, one for twitter followers, and one for instagram followers.


In conclusion, this report is about social media application on marketing. The author uses social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram to conduct social media campaigns to promote X-SPACE to its target consumers including people at the age of 18-30 years old and managers. The report shows that social media has the advantages of building brand reputation and good customer relationship at a lower cost compared with other promotional channels. In addition, social media can also help a brand to access to a diverse background of consumers based on diverse demographics. It shows that X-SPACE should design various contents with attractive heading on the three sites. In this way, it can attract the target consumers.




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