The User vs. the Used


One thought on “The User vs. the Used

  1. Hi Mark, thank you for sharing your article. What is the meaning of creative content on social media? Let me think about the answers for a while and I remind how to create the content on my digital devices. I usually bring three main digital media devices such as a mobile phone, a tablet PC and a notebook all the time. My hobby is taking pictures that are why I normally use the mobile phone to take photos and write meaningful messages for creating some content. For example, I made a decision to take photos of spring flowers and had started taking pictures of flowers all the ways around Sydney University last semester. I thought, it was the right time to create the unique and special content in Australia. I tried to select those pictures which I liked and used filter application programs to change the original pictures. In the first step, it was interested in creating my own content and I posted them on Facebook regularly. However, doing and working that kind of creating activates made me spent a lot of time and energy. I could not make the balance between creating content with free labor and studying at the same time. I suddenly stopped posting and creating content. I realized that it is not easy to keep up with creative content continually. My point is that produsagers as active fans, users and audience have more enthusiastic passionate and powerful supporters for penetrating creative content for engagement and participation in a daily life.


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