Social Media Brief – Canberra Comedy Festival

Canberra Comedy Festival is a festival that runs in March each year. In 2015 it ran from March 17th to March 22nd in Canberra, and presented over 50 shows across 6 theatres. The basic concept is that comedy takes over the city for a week, and a selection of live venues turn into performance venues for stand-up comedians – but also that the vibe and energy of a comedy festival can be felt through the city for a week. A combination of local performers, national performers, and international celebrities perform. Though very different in delivery, the audience facing elements of the company are very similar to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival, Perth Comedy Festival, and other smaller festivals around Australia.

we can use certain audience demographic findings from other festivals to represent a generic comedy festival audience. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival estimates that 70% of their ticket buyers are women (The Sydney Comedy Festival agrees, with a female purchase percentage of 65%). This is not to say that the percentage of the total audience is women – but the people who sit down, organise the group, book tickets for their boyfriend, and so on, are women – and that’s an important element to understand for the campaign. Statistics from the MICF 2014 also indicate most festival-goers are middle income earners with disposable income. These are middle aged professionals – earning between 60,000 – 100,000 a year – generally single or dating but with no serious commitments, that make up the most of their audience. Students and pensioners make up a significant portion of the audience for discounted shows (Tightarse Tuesday, for example, where all tickets are generally discounted across a festival).


The social media strategy will be a networked public centered around the “Social Media Champion” – where our own publicity rotates around the social presence of celebrities and comedians with significant profile. This means we will encourage our users to interact directly with the comedians, while also providing general information and fun competitions for the festival.


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