Romi Jewellery

Romi Jewellery is an emerging fashion jewellery label based in Sydney. All designed and assembled by designer Romi Nam, the business operates entirely as an online store that ships worldwide. It is currently going through brand developments and the social media campaign project will assist in further growth for the brand across a multitude of key digital platforms.

Romi Jewellery is influenced by Wicca (a modern pagan witchcraft religion) and Japanese Anime. It brings together a unique blend of aesthetics and culture that results in interesting wearable pieces.

The target audience is – Female (13-29 years). This age demographic is the largest percentage of the world population using the internet, especially being active on social media networks. Additionally, females within this age group is also the largest spenders for online commerce.

A sound social media design will enhance business opportunities and is vital to attract the target audience of Romi Jewellery. Building a presence online and a community in order to be relevant is important for Romi Jewellery to remain competitive with other existing and emerging brands alike.


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