Warrior Shoes

Warrior (Chinese: 回力; pinyin: Hui Li) is a brand of athletic shoe from China, founded in Shanghai in the 1930s. By the late 1980’s, since highly fashionable Western Brands, like Nike, were able to penetrate the rapidly progressing urban market, Warrior began to be abandoned.

In recent years however, the original Warrior sneaker, with its timeless old-school design, has slowly been making a comeback worldwide. It is getting better to the sneaker lovers who have rediscovered the brand and appreciate its history.

Our target audiences are young consumer groups, especially 80s, 90s. They are the main purchasing power. They pursue freedom and fashion. They tend to buy products which are reasonably priced as well as in a variety of styles and colors.

According to the survey by Warrior, there are 46% of people say they know Warrior by their friends recommending and 30% of people know Warrior by using social media. Therefore, social media sharing is an important part of online marketing and it can attract wider audience, improve the rank in search engine and also will increase sales.

About platform, I divided this into two countries to consider: Australia and China. According to the chart showed in the presentation, people aged 18~29 prefer to use Facebook and Instagam to express their feelings. Also, for Instagam, it has its own benefits because it has great filters to enhance pictures. In China, Weibo and We Chat are two very popular platforms. Both of them have strong dissemination power.