Social media design brief

This campaign is designed for Australian Red Cross Blood Service. I would like to develop and critique the campaign in several parts. Firstly, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) is the branch of Australian Red Cross. It provides all blood and blood products for people who need blood products in Australia. Australia will need around 2 million individual blood donations each year to ensure that people, young and old, have the lifesaving products they need. However, based on the research, we can find that supply of blood is not enough every year. This campaign’s goal is calling for young people and volunteers to donate their blood to Australia Red Cross Blood Service, so there will be competent blood for each blood bank per year. I would like to use a range of social media platforms to propaganda the campaign, such as Facebook, twitter, and YouTube.

In this campaign, it will make more young people to focus on blood donation and blood transfusion safety. The target audience is all healthy young people over 18 years old in Australia, especially those youth between 18 to 25 years old who are active in school lives and volunteer events. The campaign will let them pay more attention on blood donation today, and they could understand the meaning to be a volunteer blood donor. For most young people, they are generally same social experiences in their communities, it is helpful for promoting the ideas of volunteer blood donation.


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